Character Key

I know that it must be hard to keep track of all the characters I’ve introduced in The Truth, so I have decided to make this Character Key with all the most important players. These are the people you’ll need to remember as they provided pivotal roles in my life in Sydney (good or bad).


Brothel Managers: 

Pete – He’s the owner of the brothel, Knight Call.

Dave – Worked most day shifts. I really liked him, he was my friend.

Robert – Worked most night shifts. Very tall. He was also my friend and he gave me lots of good advise.

Adam – Didn’t become a manager until later. Bald, muscular, good looking. Was in an open relationship. I never considered him my friend.



Scott – A very good friend and mentor of mine. He was my housemate for a while. He passed away.

Nick – My best friend at the brothel. We did lots of crystal meth together and hung out with a lot of the other boys in the brothel.

Brendan – My friend, introduced me to crystal meth. Hung around with Nick and I all the time. Worked in the brothel.

Matt – Very outspoken friend of mine who worked at the brothel. Nick, Brendan, Matt and I were all really good friends at one point.

The ‘Threesome’ – A three-way relationship that involved Chris, Ben, and Jay. All three of them worked at the brothel and all three of them caused drama.

Jason – Irish, good looking. He started working at the brothel with his boyfriend Bruce.

Bruce – He was also Irish. Lived with his boyfriend (Jason) in Bondi.



Hector – Very kind to me. Travels around the world a lot. First met me at Knight Call.