Bus Encounter

This was found in my notes – it’s dated July 24th, 2014. (There was a phone number and address on this note but obviously I retracted it)

“Creepy homeless man, 47, talked to me at the bus stop on Oxford street and then sat with me on the bus to bondi junction. He’s addicted to meth, and has a meth IV (I’ve never seen one but he showed me it… Little pack under his watch). Told me he used to have woman drooling over him, used to pass out from needles. Spent 15 years traveling, and 6 years on the street. He now shares a bed in bondi junction with an apparently good-looking gay man. He asked me if I wanted to smoke ice with him, I said no.

He said I should come over and have ‘coffee and nibbles’ with him so he could introduce me to his good-looking housemate. Offered to give me oral while we waited for the bus. Made me take down his deets, which is what this is. He liked my hair and said since he’s bald he is obssessed with men’s hair and hair styles and imagines what they’d look like on him. Then he proceeds to touch my hair and said I have beautiful skin. He said that if I broke into his house, stole all his stuff and brutally slautered his family, that he would take me to court and tell the judge “Just break his arm and let him go because I don’t want to ruin his life and I want him to be my friend.” He says he suffers harshly from loneliness. I think its the ice talking. He has nice eye lashes.”

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