The Truth: Part 8


I was 19 and talking to a hot guy on Craigslist. His rippling abs, large chest, and square jawline convinced me to meet up with him. But I was scared of sex, and my previous experience with meeting a guy on Craigslist lead me to a man who had all the lights off in his house and covered his face as he took my hand and threw me in his bathroom (it ended with me bolting out of his house and crying in my truck as I drove home) so I decided to meet this guy in a nearby mall parking lot, thinking it would be safer. It was late, so I told my parents I was going out to get some food (great lie).

The guy had given me a description of his car and told me to meet him in the back of the lot. I was late, but pulling into the mall I easily spotted his vehicle and pulled up next to it. It was dark, but as he stepped out of the vehicle something was off; he didn’t look right. Before I was able to act he got into the passenger side of the vehicle and I had a sudden terrifying realisation that this wasn’t the guy that was in the photos.

“Who are you?” I asked with one hand on the door, ready to jump out.

“Its ok its ok, I know this is confusing but I represent the guy you were talking to on Craigslist.” The guy calmly said, he was about 35 and balding; but despite the balding he was cute. He held his hands out in front of him like he was trying to calm a wild animal.

“What the hell! This is so uncool!” I yell with a weirdly playful tone that makes me feel even more awkward. I have a weird condition where I don’t react to situations like how healthy people should.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry. I represent Mark (hot guy) as his porn manager.”


“Let me explain: Mark is bi, but he’s my friend and when he found out I ran a porn website he wanted in because he was broke and now he is one of my employees and co-owners. He likes you, but only wants to have sex with you on film. You have potential to become a star here.” (He didn’t actually ramble like this to me but I’m writing it like this to move this side story along faster) I realised he looked just as nervous as I was.

“Umm ok and no thank you.” I say, confused. I’m always confused.

“Ok ok, hear me out. Can we just chill in my car and talk, get to know each other and stuff, and then once you’re comfortable we can talk more about this.”

I don’t know if it was boredom or curiosity, but I said yes and we moved to his vehicle, reclined the front seats, and talked for about two hours. He ended up being a pretty cool guy, and funny as well. He told me that the porn is his side-business, and that he’s actually a big time manager at one of the biggest banks in Canada and travels a lot to represent the company. He tells me of the places he’s been to and I tell him of the places that I dreamed to go. For sake of not getting off track with the main story, I will summarise the ending to this: I say yes to doing porn on his website. He sucks my dick. We exchange numbers. A week later he calls and says he has my first porn job with a 65 year old man. I say no. He says I have to work my way from the bottom to get to the hotter men. We get in a fight. I tell him to fuck off (but politely). I never hear from him again.


So there I was, sitting on the porch of Dean’s apartment, having briefly contemplated escorting, realising that I’ve said yes to sex work before; even though it didn’t go anywhere (Thank fuck!).

Blaire and Dean go to the bedroom and have very loud sex for three hours while I try and sleep on the lounge. I lay there like a kid in a horror movie; wide eyed fetal position, disturbed by what I hear. After the three gruelling hours in which I didn’t sleep, a drunken and naked Blaire bursts out of Dean’s room.

“O-M-G Cody, are you still awake?” She asks, trying her best to pick up a towel and use it to cover herself.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep.” I reply.

“Could you hear us?”

“Umm only a little bit. Not very much,” I lied.

“Thank god!” She exhausts, going wide eye and putting her hand on her heart, making the towel fall, “Because we’ve been having sex for hours!” She moves to a whisper, “He came like 5 times, he doesn’t last very long.” She starts laughing.

On queue, Dean walks out of the room naked.

Blaire laughs even harder, “I was just telling Cody that you don’t last that long in bed,” she nudges him on the shoulder.

Dean replies, “Pft, I can go for hours if I have too. But you know when you just want to go as many times as you can?”

“No, not really.” I reply.

“When you want to cum as many times as you can?”

“That sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me,” Blaire bursts out, giggling like a school girl, “you’re just covering for the fact you don’t last long in bed! I’m going to have a shower, and then we should get food, I’m starving!”

“Ok honey,” Dean says and leans in to kiss Blaire. I could tell Blaire found the pet name awkward.

Blaire runs off to the shower, almost tripping over her drooping towel. Then a very-naked Dean turns to me.

“Come into my room, I want to talk to you.” He says sternly.

I try hard to avoid looking at his penis, “Ok.”

I follow him into the room and he closes the door behind me. I sit on the corner of the bed while he stands in front of me, his pool-noodle hanging right in front of my face. I look away, embarrassed.

“What you’ve never seen a man naked before?” Dean asks smugly.

“Can’t you put on some clothes?” I request, keeping my gaze away from his body.

“Naw, I like being naked and it’s my house,” He bends down so that we are face-to-face, “So, I do have some friends who work as escorts. It’s big in the gay community here, and there’s a piece for you if you want it. I can get my friends to take care of you. Just search for a brothel called Boyz Delivered and apply online, but that’s only if you want it. You could make lots of money, trust me. I just want to help you out.”

The next day I’m at Blaire’s house. She went into the city so I was home alone. I open her computer and search Gay escorts in Sydney online and two brothels come up in the web search. I click on the one that wasn’t Boyz Delivered, going against what Dean had told me to do. I just had a feeling there was something hidden in his voice when he had told me the night before to go online. I scroll through the list of boys (escorts) and come across what I already expected to be there: right in front of my face, in the list of escorts, was Dean.


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