The Truth: Part 7

Dean just told me that he was an escort, “Really?” I ask.

“Yeah I am. It’s not even that bad. After I broke my ribs I couldn’t do modelling for a while but really needed money, now I’m making more money than ever.” He says, leaning back and crossing his arms. He had a twinkle of mischief in his eye and I didn’t know if I could trust him.

“Well I guess whatever works for you, but I wouldn’t do it.” I say, shying away from Dean’s gaze.

He was undoubtedly attractive, and I didn’t doubt for a second that he made a lot of money being an escort. Hell, if I was some rich old fart I would probably pay for him.

“Oh come on, the old men like the little twinkies. You’d do so well!” Dean throws his hands in the air, cheeky smile spread wide across his face. “I could give you the number of the brothel I’m based in and you could call and set up an interview with the manager.”

“No I’m not going to do it!” I hiss, surprising myself with the amount of hatred I had in my voice.

Blaire walks in just as I had finished talking, “You’re not going to do what?” She looked stunning after fixing herself up, despite her drunkenness.

Dean bursts out into and uncontrollable laugh. He leans back in his chair and howls with delight. Blaire and I give each other a confused look, and before I could say something, Dean blurts out through the laughter, “Oh my god I just made twinkie think that I was an escort and he was thinking about becoming one as well.”

Blaire sounds unimpressed when she asks, “Who is twinkie?”

Dead laughs even harder and points at me. His deep chuckle seemed to reverberate through my disconcerted body. Blaire can’t help but also let out a little chuckle, and I had began to wish I hadn’t come here.

“To be fair,” I say in my defence, “I didn’t actually think about becoming an escort.”

“Bullshit!” Dean blurts, his chuckling starts to simmer down, “I saw it in your eyes. You totally thought about it. It’s ok Twinkie, I won’t judge you.”

To be honest, I didn’t know if I did subconsciously think about it. Would being an escort even be that bad? I was sure that the money was good, but I knew I wasn’t cut out for it. It wasn’t who I was raised to be, it was against my morals. But for the second time that night the thought had seemed to briefly cross my mind.

I grew up on a ranch in rural Alberta, Canada. Hick town, rednecks, cow town, and rough necks are all words to describe the area and people that I grew up around. My life was filled with Oil field workers, ranchers, and religious bigots: aka closed-minded small town folk. Raised in a religious family myself, I had grown up learning that sex was basically the root of all evil. Someone was the spawn of satan if they had premarital sex. Even normal teenage things such as masturbation was so looked down upon that it was basically a sin to even mention it, which was stupid because we all knew that we had tried it at LEAST once in our lives.

But anyways, off point. So I had grown up around all these people that believed sex was insane, at least before marriage (but after marriage it didn’t matter anymore. You could have sweet BDSM with your significant other and God would think it was fine because you both signed a piece of paper). Asia had cured me of some of my religious misgivings, but I still had an adverse feeling towards sex. It was the one thing that was brainwashed into my head as child: sex was bad. Sex was bad. Sex was bad. So the fact that I even contemplated for one second that escorting would be a good idea was giving me anxiety.

I didn’t want to be a dirty prostitute. I had morals. I was a good person. Something in my head was telling me that this wouldn’t be the last time selling my body would be the fore-front of conversation. That hockey player who tried to sell me off to the NHL wasn’t my only run in with sex and money before Sydney. There was a little elephant in the historical room of my mind, and it all had to do with a porn star, a mall parking lot (And I’m not talking about the mall parking lot where I sold my dirty underwear to a guy for $50 once when I was 18) and a porn star recruiter.


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